‘In Water, Flight’


The Munster Literature Centre runs a wonderful literary journal called Southword, which has been a constant support to me at every stage of my literary development. After many years of focusing on poetry, I recently wrote my very first short story. It’s a strange, dark story. There are crows, as there so often are in my work… I called it ‘In Water, Flight’. The story is based in and around an inner city cinema in Cork, which was derelict until very recently. The building itself is currently in the throes of demolition. It has been flooded many, many times; the photo below is from 1957.


I’m so grateful to Southword’s Fiction Editor, Danielle McLaughlin, for choosing my work from a mountain of submissions. You can buy her book ‘Dinosaurs On Other Planets’ from The Stinging Fly and read her story ‘In the Act of Falling’ at the New Yorker, here.

‘In Water, Flight’ – http://www.munsterlit.ie/Southword/Issues/28/nighriofa_doireann.html

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