Postcards from a Hospital

I wrote a sequence of little prose poems when I was in hospital a few months ago. They’re dedicated to my friend Sara, who is an expert in the art of interesting and heartening postcards. You can listen to me read this piece on RTÉ Radio One here, or click here to read the poems on Fallow Media (just click on the little icons to bring you to the next part) tree

This web collaboration with Fallow is one of the most interesting collaborative projects I’ve engaged in so far. A special word of thanks to Ian Maleney for suggesting that we work together, for his exceptional design, and for his time and patience. I’m so pleased with the result of this project, I feel that the design is true to how strange and surreal this period was.

The process of writing these little pieces really helped me through our time in hospital. It gave me a lens that allowed me to engage my writer’s gaze over the whole thing. In a strange way, the writing of these pieces shielded me from some of the horrors of those weeks.