New Poem at Irish Museum of Modern Art

I wrote a piece about the Carol Rama retrospective at IMMA, along with a new ekphrastic poem inspired by her work. You can read it, if you like, over at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Buíochas ó chroí le Sophie Byrne (curator) and the wonderful Aideen Barry who is currently artist-in-residence at IMMA (more on that project here and visit her website here)

imma pic

Here’s a short extract from my piece –

An Island of Eyes

A first encounter with the work of Carol Rama is a shock, a visceral jolt, an astonishment. As I walked through IMMA’s retrospective of Carol Rama’s life work, I was reminded of a quote by Philip Larkin– “Poetry is nobody’s business except the poet’s, and everybody else can fuck off.” Plucky and boisterous as she was (and no stranger to poetry herself), I feel that Carol Rama would have enjoyed this quote as applied to her art, in fact I can almost imagine the spark in her eye, her hoarse chuckle.

The full essay and my new poem ‘Ogle’ are to be found at IMMA here.