Five Letters to the Stranger who will Dissect my Brain

A number of years ago I composed a poem which I called ‘Five Letters to the Stranger who will Dissect my Brain.’ It was both a joy and an honour to watch this poem take flight in the imagination of others, as director Oonagh Kearney created a film inspired by it. Last night the film was announced as Best Irish Short Film at the Dublin International Film Festival. I am so thrilled for Oonagh and for all the actors and the amazing team who helped to carry her vision to the stage.


The film itself is available to view here, and has been described as follows:

“When Viv, a first year medical student at Trinity College Dublin, takes a scalpel to a cadaver in her university anatomy room, her absorption of the magnitude of her responsibilities, propels her on a soul-searching journey into the nature of what it means to be alive. Five Letters To The Stranger Who Will Dissect My Brain is a philosophical and emotionally-charged drama about the eternal interconnections between the living and the dead.”